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John Dahl Honoré and his production company MASTER FADE MUSIC, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, have been exceeding client expectations professionally since 2004.

Currently, John composes music for network television and mix’s songs and or entire albums for other artists when ever time and opportunity allows.


Previously John has created music and sound design for companies like:

Google – YouTube / Sony Computer Entertainment of America / Konami of America / Starbucks – Hear Music / Hewlett Packard / Cintilla / Headsets.com and others as well as various Non Profit Organizations and Indie Films.

Licensed music to television shows like:

Keeping Up With The Kardashians / The Real World / Bad Girls Club / Kourtney and Khloé Take Miami / Fox Sports and others.

Worked on AAA video game titles like:

Guitar Hero™ / Rock Band™ / Karaoke Revolution™

Bands and artists like:

Dante Roberson / Con-Funk-Shun feat. Tony Tone Toni / Testament / Papa Malo / Virginia Ashby / Möbius Donut / Punk Funk Mob / The Harvey Cartel / Earl Zero / Dame Edna / The Christines / The Isabellas / Vinlawdin & The Caliband / Ishtar Monique / Eric Dibbern / Clown Car Jones / Devine’s Jug Band / Jimmy Sweetwater / The Mission Three / Chickenhead Johnson / Symphony of Distraction / Future Perfekt / Karyn Paige / DJ Sol Rising / Cynthia Sandoval / Bray and many many others.


Music Composition / Production / Mixing / Consultation and Producer Services


Partial Discography:

Dante Roberson “Decisions Made” Album -Mix 2015

Con-Funk-Shun feat. Tony Tone Toni  “Once I Get In It” Single -Mix 2014

Con-Funk-Shun “Live For Your A**” Album -Engineer

Eric Dibbern “Bangkok Nights” -Engineer/Songwriter (2 tracks)

Mobius Donut “Mobius Donut” Album -Mix/Master

Vinlawdin & The Caliband “Dropping Bombs” EP -Engineer/Mix/Master

Vinlawdin & The Caliband “Lord Of War” Album -Engineer/Mix/Master/Co-Producer

The Isabellas “The Isabellas” EP -Engineer/Mix/Master/Co-Producer

Piero Amadeo Infante “Pappa Malo” Album -Mix/Master/Co-Producer

Punk Funk Mob “Revolution” Album -Mix/Master

Symphony Of Distraction “Pudwhack” EP -Master

Symphony Of Distraction “Call It Off John” Album -Master

Devine’s Jug Band “Terrible Operation Blues” Album -Engineer/Mix/Master

Jimmy Sweetwater “Jimmy Sweetwater” Album -Engineer/Mix/Master

The Mission Three “The Mission Three” Album -Engineer/Mix/Master

Chickenhead Johnson “Chickenhead Johnson” Album -Mix/Master

Future Perfekt “Future Perfekt LIVE” Album -Mix/Master

Karyn Paige “You Know I’ll Always Love You” Single -Mix/Master

Calling Morocco “Outside Providence” Album -Master

DJ Sol Rising “I AM SOUL” Album -Mix/Master

Bray “The End Is The Beginning” Album -Engineer/Mix/Master/Co-Producer

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