Music Composition:

Original music, nearly any genre from sweeping cinematic orchestral to pop, rock, funk, jazz, ambient tension… what ever is called for can be delivered sounding 100% album quality and radio ready, and quickly. We also have a large library of original music available for royalty free licensing if custom scoring is not in your budget. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and deliver the emotion, message or identity your project requires. Film, Television, Games, Multi-Media, Web, Theatrical & Corporate projects are welcomed.


With modern computers allot of very talented artists are able to do a great job recording themselves, but turning those recordings to a finely crafted radio-ready mix may easier said than done. At Master Fade we combine 20+ years worth of experience with great gear and the ears of a musician and pro engineer to give your music the best presentation possible.

We mix on a Mac Pro 6 core (16GB Ram) running Apple’s Logic X software with the full suite of Waves & iZotope plugins and additional Universal Audio plugins with quad core processing. Happy clients from various genres include… Rock, Hip Hop, Alternative, Deep Bass Electronica, Dub-Step, Pop, Neo-Soul, Punk, Folk, R&B, Gospel and much more.

Producer Services:

Some musicians and artists need more than just a place to record, they need a partner who has the ability to guide them through the entire recording process helping craft the artists unique vision while delivering completely professional results. A music producer must both lead and follow, be well versed in many styles of music, production and arrangement, a multi-instrumentalist with a good ear for pitch and harmony as well as excellent engineering skills. Master Fade can deliver this unique skill-set to your project, we have a number of Bay Area studios with amazing spaces and equipment we work with based on your needs, contact us for details.


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