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Original Music Composition & ScoringUnderstanding how to effectively manipulate emotion thru music & sound is what we do, and it is the key to creating long-lasting impressions with your audience. We specialize in orchestral scoring as well as many other genres of music like pop, rock, country, alternative, R&B and more.

We help Musicians… Define their sound and defy limitation. Production Services range from recording the first note to putting the final touches on the finished masters, we can take you through the entire process, or just a part of it. One of our core offerings is Mixing services, we have worked on albums with artists from all over the world, in almost every genre imaginable, as well as top selling AAA video games like Guitar Hero & Rock Band

We help Corporations and Advertising agencies… Tell Stories, Sell Products and Services, Create Corporate & Brand Identities, Communicate Ideas More Effectively and Capture the Attention of their Target Audience. Contact us for more details.

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