Music Mixing

Modern technology is amazing, musicians have the ability to record and produce their own music these days all on their own, however turning those recordings into commercially viable “radio ready” mixes & masters is a whole other can of worms. Never fear, we have your back. No two artists are the same, each project is treated reverently with the highest respect paid to genre, sonic quality, emotional impact and your art.

Mixing involves way more than just getting good tones and balancing levels, From timing corrections to imperceptible pitch adjustments and everything in between, each mix is built from the ground up, genre specific and carefully crafted to put your sound center stage. It’s the years and the ears, as well as an unparalleled commitment to your satisfaction that will make working with us the easiest part of your job as an artist.

Music Mastering

Part science part art, a good mastering job can find and enhance the emotion in a piece of music, reveal details, add clarity, enhance depth and width and offer a dynamic yet impactful presentation putting your music’s best foot forward. Important for a single, but even more so with an EP or Album project as the mastering process can bring cohesion so that playback from one song to the next offers a uniform experience for the listener. You can expect a 48 hour turnaround for mastering a single and 7-10 days for a full album.

The rate is $100 USD per song.

Music Restoration

Using state of the art artificial intelligence a stereo recoding can now be broken out into individual parts, separating the vocals, drums, bass etc. Sonic fixes can be applied to the individual parts, for example EQ, Compression, De-Essing etc. and then it can be expertly “Re-mixed & Mastered” for stunning results. I know SO MANY musicians who have older recordings of their songs but for whatever reason no longer have the original tracks. This is why I created this end-to-end solution using similar technology to what Peter Jackson used in restoring recordings for The Beatles Get Back and 2023 single Now And Then.

Education and Consultation

Private instruction via Zoom in using Apple’s Logic Pro, sharing my production workflow, tips and tricks, Logic & third party tools and instruments, mixing & mastering techniques etc. Additionally using Zoom I can also jump in on your session, hear your audio in stereo on my monitors in a treated room and offer advice and guidance directly in your session.

Audio Post Production & Dialogue Cleanup

Having worked on a number of small indie films as a composer, I know “on-set” audio can be challenging and video editors don’t always have tools to deal with some of the issues that need to be addressed. I have several state of the art tools that can reduce or even remove background noise entirely from your dialogue, or de-clipp “too loud” moments that distort or De-Ess moments with sharp “T” or “S” sounds allowing your audio to be mixed for the most professional presentation possible.

Dialogue Cleanup Example 1 Before
Dialogue Cleanup Example 1 After

Sonic Branding Solutions

Every business has a Logo, Sonic Branding is the audio equivalent of a logo, a sonic statement in less than three seconds exclusive to your brand/media and company identity that lets your customers and followers know it’s you without even looking. The Netflix “Ta Dum” sound or NBC’s famous 3 notes are perfect examples but you will notice every media company has an example of this… We can help you create yours. Using over 20 years of experience in music composition and sound design creating your brand’s exclusive sonic identity is no small job, but a job we are well suited to. Please contact us to begin a conversation on how we can create yours.