Q: How do I get Files to you?

A: I will set up a file just for your project in Dropbox and provide a secure link. Additionally you can send files via Google Drive or WeTransfer if that is your preference. For Mixing or Mastering feel free to provide reference tracks that have sonic characteristics you like.

Q: Can I send the whole session from DAW?

A: Preferably Not, there are ways to highlight and export your tracks, Put those (labeled / named) tracks into a folder, include the artist name, song name and BPM in the folder name, Zip/Compress the file and upload it. Piece of cake. Here is a handy video on how in two simple steps you can export your tracks from Pro Tools for Mixing in Logic X.

Q: How do I pay?

A: For Mixing or Restoration Re-Mixing or Audio Post Production A 50% deposit begins the process, Mastering is included at no additional charge when I mix your project, the balance is paid upon approval of an MP3, then high-resolution files will be uploaded to you. For Mastering alone, upon approval of an MP3 and payment, the high-resolution files will be uploaded to you.

Q: What Do I Pay?

A: For Mixing it’s truthfully a case by case basis depending of the complexity of the project, the number of tracks and what needs to be done to get them to a radio ready mix & master. Again, mastering is included when I mix your music. The general range for a mix can be between $400 & $800 per song.

For Mastering alone $100 per song.

For Restoration Re-Mixing $400 per song.

As with mixing, Education and Consultation is a case by case basis but a general guideline is $70 per hour.

Pay Pal, CashApp, ApplePay & Zelle are all accepted.

Q: What if I want a revision or am unhappy with the results?

A: My goal is a happy customer, so I am happy to make revisions (within reason), and after such revision, if you are still unhappy we can part friends and you owe me noting more. Not every mix engineer is perfect for every project but thankfully I have worked in enough different genres that I can bring a level of authenticity to nearly any style of music.

Q: How do I contact you?

A: I’m so glad you asked! just click the “contact button” (bottom left of this page) and send me a message, I will respond as quickly as I can via email and we can start a dialogue. You can also reach out to me on social media, all the links are provided on the bottom right of this page.