“John gives the best value for the buck. We gave him a copy of our single “Manic Robots” as we heard so much from people about the potential of the song and we wanted it to push it to the next level with a very solid mixdown and John was the man to do it. All the bass, drums, guitars and vocals popped out of the mix at a very professional quality. Check out for yourself at Thanks John!”
Ahmad Mazboudi

“John is a unique talent. He has great abilities as a composer as well as an engineer. He is at home using Protools or Logic and can get a track sounding great in no time at all. John’s professionalism is balanced with a playfulness that makes a session productive and fun. Hire this guy, you’ll see!”
Bob Hopkins, Visual Design Manager, now hear this (NHT)

“I can’t really write a recommendation worthy of John. However, I will try.
I met John much by chance, and since then, has has saved and resurrected a CD production, that has spanned three continents, included over a hundred artists, and taken 6 years to complete. His technical expertise and warp speed, non-stop work ethic, are only matched by his massive musical creativity, and nearly encyclopedic musical knowledge.
Here, is an artist who can take an idea, bring it to completion musically, record it flawlessly, mix and master it perfectly, and have it in your hand, and in the ears of your fans so quickly, you, like I, might surmise, that he has either made a deal with the devil.
But that wouldn’t be the truth. The truth is that John, is one of the best examples of the new generation of artist-producers in the united states.
The qualities are sometimes hidden, by his humility, and easygoing personable manner. Don’t be fooled. This is a man on a mission to bring great music for films, television, artists like myself, and others, to an industry that desperately needs it.
In short, John is THE MAN.”
Piero Amadeo Infante

“John is heaven sent for any artist that is seeking sonic perfection. I have personally had the privilage of his mixing and production skills on my upcoming EP, working with John was inspiring & productive, he is a true professional. He is one of the few who just “gets it”.
Quincy Ramone of Punk Funk Mob

“John simply writes good music. His genre list is varied but he approaches each one with authenticity and verve. He’s a great hire for demos, marketing campaigns, personal projects and more!”
Matt Donner, Owner, Pyramind

“John is a very, very sharp cat. He’s the all singing and dancing production type that can mix, compose, produce, and take your project across the line. I think his follow-through and ability to be receptive to new ideas and perspectives makes him the right choice if you want more than an engineer. He’s a collaborator in every sense of the word. This sets him apart…. he’ll actually CARE about your vision.”
David Earl, Director of Audio Production, Pyramind

“John is a very talented and creative audio mastering professional with a great ear, which, in this business, is critically important. I’ve worked with John on several projects and will continue to use him in the future.” May 5, 2008
Phil Peretz, Indie Artists Alliance, Media Media Inc.


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